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About Our Journey


Cozumel Rum is an honest expression of the founders journey across the lands of an ancient Mayan empire.  Through coastal fields of sugarcane to wonderfully made rum and handblown glass bottles.  The Cozumel Rum Company celebrates the essence of artisanal with every sip.  It’s small batch by necessity.  They like it that way…

The island of the swallows…  With joy she extends her warm welcome to all who find themselves on her shores.  And they found themselves on her shores, literally.  Their sailboat sitting not so gracefully on a rocky reef just steps from downtown…  Marooned on a non-deserted island.  But this experience and the friendships that flourished would result in a decision to start the Cozumel Rum Company.


Yes, it happened like that.  It took years to repair their boat.  While work continued on the vessel they would decide that they didn’t want to leave really.  So, they found a reason to stay.  Everyone has to be somewhere.  Why not just stay in paradise?  I mean, when you’re going through hell, by all means, keep going.  But when you find yourself in paradise… relax, rejoice and celebrate.

So, why rum?  The words ‘Mexico’ + ‘Distillery’ are synonymous with Tequila but rum is king in the Caribbean.  Cozumel is where the Caribbean begins…  Sugarcane and rum production on the island ended around 1919 but with help from the very best in Mexico’s rum community the founders are on a journey to change that. 

image0 (2) (1)_edited.jpg
Old Still from 1948

Mexico produces world class rum.  The Cozumel Rum Company partnered with one of the most awarded rum producers in Mexico.  Together they’ve achieved what they believe to be honest expressions of a remarkable rum.  A gift to be shared amongst friends.

What makes their rum Mayan?  It really isn’t just a name.  The rum is finished with Chiapas Oak. This Mayan hardwood imparts a unique taste from the region.  And the Mayan Spiced rum uses only all-natural ingredients representative of the flavors enjoyed by the Maya for thousands of years.  Pleasant, smooth and distinctively Mayan. So, relax, rejoice and celebrate


-Cozumel Rum Co.

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